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Costa Rica Airport Hotel

Is your goal to get the most out of your vacations in the best hotel possible? Well then Villa-Blanca could be your best option. Located in Monte Verde, Villa-Blanca delivers tons of different treatments, it's a unique in it's type hotel, let me tell you why.

The environment and wild-life overall are two of the points that stay really related in all of Costa Rica Airport Hotel, this is to get tourists feel like they are in straightforward contact with nature, and to make them feel just at home.. I can easily say that the Costa Rica Airport Hotel that has succesfully done this task the better has been definitely Villa-Blanca, this hotel has made it so that you feel in the heart of the mountain during the course of your stay, it's a remarkable place to be surely
Only one single tree was cut whilst constructing this hotel, this reveals you just how much they consider about the environment and how ecological and eco-friendly could it get, there's no hesitation that a hotel like this is certainly setting the bar very high for similar hotels. 

Not long from the awesome beach that Monte Verde is, Villa-Blanca is positioned on top of a mountain offering an exceptional view of the seaside.

Every Now And Then a bit of relaxation, connecting with nature, having privacy and comfort are precisely what you need, Villa-Blanca supplies all of that, relaxation and privacy are achieved by the stability this resort has with nature, the environment is silent and at all times everything flows smoothly, this will give you some relaxation and privacy too because there's basically nothing surrounding the lodge itself but nature. To keep you comfortable this lodge also offers you all of the services that any other resort of this competence supplies. All the places are deluxe but they also have some further luxury ones like the honey-moon suite.

It's not all the time that you feel so close to nature, this Costa Rica airport hotel though, is like that, it attached into nature and embraced it, making you experience like you are a part of it too! Uniqueness is what results out of it. Water is reprocessed, most of the power comes from solar panes.

Villa-Blanca fights against the leaders world-wide when it comes to sustainability lodging, this lodge has showed it's results and relationship with nature, this has set the bar really tall for nearby hotels and even country-wide hotels.

The resort itself has some different visits and excursions that you might experience, like zip-lining, canopy, night-walks in the environment, horseback-riding and swimming in a waterfall, all of this being extraordinary because they are specific visits from the hotel itself. The resort is located really near to the beach of Monte Verde and the national park, well-known for it's magnificent nature and unique wild-life, there's also the seashore that you can enjoy, I need to say that it's one of the best areas I've ever been to.

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